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Cameras and Drones Are Now Officially Connected For Good

A certain Canadian hoax created a lot of chatter. The hoax detailed that police officers were using drones to obtain surveillance. Cameras mounted on the drones streamed the video footage live to the police officers, which allowed them to spot crimes and take action immediately. The truth is a little exaggerated, but it did bring forward some new ideas for police officers. Could this be the future of drone technology?

In more ways than one, drones are capturing an incredible amount of attention. The above is just one scenario where the use of drones could alter the entire landscape of how something is achieved. If drones were used in large quantities to scout for crime, it may decrease the need for foot patrol. Cars on the highway would be scanned for their speed and mailed a speeding ticket at a later date.

The camera drones canada are changing the way people perceive the use of drones. The cameras are now built into the drone, so it is not a preferred “upgrade.” The connection between filing and streaming video to a high-flying drone is now just as obvious as having a camera on a phone. There is no disconnect. Cameras on drones are a lot more widely accepted.

The cultural acceptance of drones will likely push a lot of intriguing ideas to the forefront. Amazon is seriously debating and exploring ideas on how they can deliver products through a drone. It is not quite feasible for Amazon to offer that service to anyone but a few niche target markets. But, if anyone could do it, it would be the online commerce juggernaut.

Small local pizza companies have actually delivered a few pizzas using drones. No camera is needed, of course, but it does offer options. A customer could potentially log-in and see their pizza being delivered by drone. Considering all drones will have cameras soon enough, this seems like a logical step.

There are thousands of directions the use of drones could take beyond delivering food. Go to the website for more on drone technology and who is using it for the best results.